Powerful surround system with an elegant appearance
The Elementa series from Heco (which stems from "Elementum" – Latin for "element" and "base material") is focused on the basics and essentials, namely: High quality and powerful surround components with excellent technology, an extremely sturdy build quality and an elegant, yet timeless visual appearance.
Innovative speaker chassis for maximum performance
The individual components in the Elementa series are largely configured with identical speaker chassis to realize a particularly homogeneous and balanced soundscape. In addition, the individual woofers, bass-midrange speakers and tweeters utilize innovative drivers that are of a particularly high quality. Long fiber cones with long-throw surrounds, which have been specifically optimized for low-distortion reproduction, are used to cater for the low and mid-range frequencies. The lightweight design enables an extremely high degree of precision to be achieved, as well as an excellent level of efficiency.
The treble range is reproduced by all of the Elementa speakers via a 28 mm silk compound dome, which, thanks to its ferrofluid cooling and powerful double ferrite magnet system, exhibits a very high load capacity. The Wave Control geometry used for the aluminum front panel ensures perfect development of the high frequencies, as well as superior transparency and spatiality.
In addition to the 300 mm woofer with its hardened paper cone, the Elementa Sub 3830A is also equipped with an additional 380 mm long-throw bass radiator. This allows the subwoofer to achieve a particularly broad sub-bass spectrum and develop a huge degree of force in the subsonic frequency range. The woofer and bass radiator operate according to the side-fire principle.
Elegant and timeless
The essentials are also in focus when it comes to the design of Heco´s Elementa series: The Elementa speaker components, all of which feature a sturdy, multi-braced MDF housing with rounded edges and a silk-matt lacquer finish, are provided with an extremely elegant appearance in a timeless, conventional design. The bass reflex configurations are provided with flow-optimized and screwed reflex ports, while the removable front grilles, which are covered with acoustic material, are inconspicuously secured in place via magnetic mounts. The exclusive look of the floorstanding speakers is rounded-off by aluminum cross members with solid metal cone spikes.
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