Heco Direkt Einklang
Heco Direkt Einklang

Heco Direkt Einklang

High-end 1-way bass reflex speaker

HECO combines cutting-edge technology with classic concepts in its exceptional Direkt Einklang speaker. Just a single (!) 210 mm chassis is used in the high-end 1-way system of the Direkt series. As a point sound source, it is characterized by an above-average level of spatiality, optimum efficiency and maximum precision. As only one voice coil is required for a single chassis and the moving mass is kept low, the speaker can be connected to a tube amplifier from an output of 5 watts without any problems, while it also works perfectly with larger transistor amplifiers. As as is customary for HECO, it has once again used the high-tech Klippel measuring system to linearize and optimize the entire structure, which includes the extremely lightweight HECO kraft paper cone, the specially designed tweeter cone and the dual-ferrite drive system. The exclusive components are housed in the elaborately designed flat MDF housing, which features a wide baffle and elegant silk matte lacquer finish.

  • Drivers

    Extremely lightweight HECO kraft paper cone

    Specially designed tweeter cone with newly developed NAWI shape and inverted dust cap, manufactured from a single piece of material consisting of a particularly rigid and lightweight paper mixture. This ensures a fine and precise reproduction of the treble range

    Powerful dual-ferrite drive system and highly resilient, weight-optimized 25 mm CCAW voice coil

    Extremely low-loss, lightweight rubber surround

    Sturdy die-cast aluminum basket with narrow aerodynamic struts and numerous air vents

    A Kapton voice coil mount eliminates eddy current and ensures a highly defined sound patter

    Impedance compensation to minimize distortions in the mid-range and treble frequency

    Magnet system linearized with the high-tech Klippel® measuring system for ideal symmetry and minimal distortions


    1-way bass reflex


    Stylish semi-matt lacquer finish with contrasting
    double stripes on the front

    Solidly built, multiple strutted MDF flat enclosure
    with attractive curves

    Floor-protecting rubber feet and all-metal spikes

    Double bass-reflex design with bi-directional
    airflow-optimized rounded downfire tubes for
    maximum bass effect

    Specially designed all-metal foot construction for an absolutely stable base

    Double bass-reflex design with bi-directional airflowoptimized rounded downfire tubes for maximum bass performance


    High-end floor-standing loudspeakers with full-range driver and high level of efficiency

    Exclusive one-way system with an excellent level of efficiency and superior spatiality

    The latest development standards and technology ensure a state of the art configuration for this classic construction

    Can be combined optimally with transistor and tube amplifiers from 5 watts per channel

    Attractive flat-design enclosure, floating appearance through all-metal design foot construction


    8” fullrange driver


    High-quality all-metal connector terminal with stable,gold-plated high-end screw terminals

    Linearized impedance curve with very little fluctuation for optimum behavior on tube and transistor amplifiers from 20 watts per channel

    Accurate frequency response correction with high-quality tight-tolerance components

  • Principle

    1-way bass reflex


    8” fullrange driver

    Power Handling (RMS/Max)

    120 / 180 watts

    Sensitivity (2.8V/1m)

    94 dB


    4 – 8 Ohms

    Recommended Amplifier Output

    5 - 180 Watts