Music Colors

An attractive, rich sound with a living room-friendly design

Music Colors

A full and clean sound from the shelf

The compact HECO Music Colors 100 forms the foundation for this particular speaker series. Computer simulations, measurements and listening tests were conducted from the very outset near the walls in a living room setup. The front of the speaker has been optimised and the bass reflex port positioned at the front to ensure an optimum output of low frequencies. Technological innovations such as the long-fibre paper of the bass-midrange cone and the carefully coated 25 mm fabric dome tweeter ensure a natural, detailed and dynamic sound. The Music Colors Stand 100 is also available as a special accessory in the HECO range.

A precise bass range even when positioned directly next to the wall

Most floorstanding speakers are designed in such a way that they require a certain minimum distance from the rear wall to produce an optimum sound. In creating the HECO Music Colors 200 both the geometry of the transducer and the crossover were developed directly next to the wall for a living room-friendly setup. The 200 mm woofer, which has been accommodated on the side panel, permits the slim silhouette of the speaker and it too has been coordinated in the bass reflex enclosure for installation near a wall.

The living room-friendly home cinema

If you want to expand these two speakers to create a home cinema setup, then you´ll find the perfect companion in the shape of the HECO Music Colors Center 80. This very compact centre speaker, which features a dynamic double configuration for its bass-midrange driver, has also been coordinated for the sound-reflecting surfaces that surround the typical area of installation. The HECO Music Colors Cinema 5.1A set, which boasts even more compact dimensions with the same high level of quality, is also available. In principle, the four satellite speakers in this set are scaled-down versions of the Music Colors 100, while the centre speaker is identical to the tried and tested Center 80. The satellite speakers can be optionally accommodated on the Music Colors Stand 20. The centre and satellite speakers are supported in the bass range by an active subwoofer that is perfectly coordinated in terms of both aesthetics and performance. A long-throw 200 mm woofer in a bass reflex enclosure controls a dynamic, precise bass range for both home cinema sound as well as multi-channel music.
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