Aleva GT Center 32
Music Style 1000

Aleva GT Sub 322A

Active bass reflex subwoofer, side-firing principle

While the potent Aleva GT 322 A active subwoofer has been designed in keeping with the slim-line style of the series, it doesn´t disappoint when it comes to generating an impressive deep bass response. This can be attributed to its 320 watt power amplifier with active frequency response equalization, 300 mm long-throw woofer and aerodynamically rounded reflex ports. Besides its extremely low-resonance housing, this model also features a clear and consistent design. An elegant high-gloss piano finish, which is optionally available in white or black, has also been applied to the MDF housing used by this model over several stages.

  • Principle

    powered bass-reflex subwoofer


    Site-fire construction

    Very solid construction using MDF panels and elaborated struttings

    Front, top and side panels with high-quality high gloss painting

    Solid MDF base plate with high-quality high gloss painting


    12“ subwoofer

    Dimensions (WxHxD)

    290 x 500 x 464 mm


    High power long-throw woofer with hardened paper cone, high performance voice-coil and powerful ferrite magnet system


    Phase adjustable 0° - 180°

    Active SPL equalization

    Real-time Limiter

    Low standby power consumption <0.5 watts


    Piano Black

    Piano White

  • Principle

    Powered bassreflex subwoofer


    300 mm subwoofer

    Power Output

    180 / 320 Watts

    Frequency response

    20 – 150 Hz

    Crossover frequencies

    50 - 150 Hz adjustable

    Dimensions (WxHxD)

    290 x 500 x 464 mm