Finesse, flair, fascination - the new HECO ALEVA GT series

The modern speaker needs to be flexible, powerful, attractive - and affordable. Regardless what type of brand-new HECO Aleva GT speaker you choose, or whether you opt for a powerful surround set - you can always be assured of the highest acoustic and aesthetic requirements being fulfilled.

This series incorporates a total of three floorstanding speakers. These are spearheaded by the exceptional Aleva GT 1002, which features a large side bass driver for extreme excursions into the lower frequencies. The Aleva GT 602 and Aleva GT 402 are other, slightly smaller floorstanding speakers that exhibit excellent performance data.

The series is complemented by the Aleva GT 202 compact speaker, the Aleva GT Center 32 and the powerful Aleva GT Sub 322A.

The best sound requires the best ingredients - a notable example in the case of the Aleva GT series would be the newly developed 28 mm silk compound dome tweeter. It not only sounds silky and brilliant, but it is also extremely durable thanks to a ferrofluid cooling element and double magnet system.

The woofers, midrange and bass-midrange drivers used in the Aleva GT series are equipped with sturdy, aerodynamically formed die-cast aluminium baskets, as well as ultra-lightweight and high-performance cones. An additional feature of the Aleva GT 1002 is its 250 mm high performance side driver with hardened long fibre cone, which will give many full-blooded subwoofers a run for their money.

The filter network distributes the frequencies perfectly to the chassis - our amplitude- and phase-optimised crossover features selected components that exhibit long-term stability. The three floorstanding speakers, namely the Aleva GT 1002, 602 and 402, are also equipped with a switchable treble boost (linear or + 2 dB).

The Aleva GT 1002 and 602 are three-way floorstanding speakers with a bass reflex configuration, the Aleva GT 402 is a 2.5-way bass-reflex speaker, while both the Aleva GT 202 compact speaker and the Aleva GT Center 32 operate according to the 2-way bass reflex principle.

One thing that definitely shouldn't be overlooked is the powerful subwoofer: the Aleva GT Sub 322A is a long-throw subwoofer which features a high performance class AB power amplifier that has been perfectly coordinated for the Aleva GT series. With a power consumption of less than 0.5 watts in stand-by mode it is also a real power saver.

The housings used for the speakers in the Aleva GT series, which consist of individual, carefully assembled MDF panels, are exceptionally rigid and sturdy.

Available in a piano white or piano black finish, the Aleva GT series will cut a dazzling figure in any home environment.