"Germany's Next Top Loudspeaker": HECO presents the ALEVA TC series

A good sound can also look beautiful - which is impressively demonstrated by our new Aleva series. It is evident that the Rhine-based hifi and surround speaker manufacturer has utilised a wide variety of factors to firmly establish the Aleva TC series in such a demanding price class.

The Aleva 400 TC floorstanding speaker and the Aleva 200 TC shelf/compact speaker exhibit high quality chassis with high-tech features that are typical of HECO - the result is a more detailed, spatial and dynamic sound. Also onboard are a tweeter with a 42 kHz upper cut-off frequency, a 25 mm fabric dome, an aluminium front panel and double magnet system, as well as a bass/midrange driver with lightweight paper/wool cone, which has been specifically optimised for broadband reproduction.


The particularly rigid MDF housing and the solid, high-gloss MDF baffle create an elegant visual appearance and generate perfect tonal properties, as there is no interfering housing resonance to adversely affect the sound pattern. An optimum bass response is ensured at all levels by the sophisticated bass reflex configuration, with its two screwed reflex tubes that are flow-optimised on both sides. This is a setup that connoisseurs of HECO speakers will be used to: perfect workmanship and a sophisticated layout down to the very last detail.


The Aleva 400 TC is a 2.5-way bass reflex speaker, which is equipped with a 130 mm woofer, a 130 mm bass/midrange driver and a 25 mm dome tweeter. The load values prove to be generous with an RMS rating of 120 watts and a maximum load capacity of 200 watts. The speaker is suitable for a broad spectrum and can be used with amplifiers with a power rating between 30 and 200 watts.

Thanks to its compact dimensions the Aleva 200 TC can be set up almost anywhere and it can display its musical talents in virtually any listening room. Its opulent maximum power rating of 140 watts (80 watts RMS) means it can also be rather "vociferous". HECO recommends an amplifier power rating between 20 and 130 watts. The Aleva 200 TC is equipped with a 130 mm woofer/midrange driver and a 25 mm dome tweeter.

Regardless of whether you opt for the piano black/anthracite or piano white/white combination: HECO's Aleva TC series will always cut a dazzling figure.