Heco Ascada 600 Tower – High-End Hi-Fi Enjoyment with no cables

Combining high-quality hi-fi performance with comfort, convenience and modern practicality is a complex issue. Precarious obstacles and prejudices have to be overcome. Heco provides a trend-setting answer to this with the new fully active "Ascada 600 Tower" floor-standing loudspeakers, which are equipped with a variety of analogue and digital inputs as well as wireless Bluetooth technology while, at the same time, also seeking to meet acoustic audiophile demands and delighting savvy hi-fi enthusiasts despite the wireless technology.

This succeeds through the philosophy of working only with strictly selected high-quality components and incorporating innovative technologies. This includes, in addition to the latest Bluetooth generation, the tried-and-tested aptX audio standard, which enables wireless music transmission in CD quality. The optical, coaxial and USB audio inputs are also able to receive and process sampling rates up to 96 kHz/24 bits.

Precisely the possibility of connecting a PC or notebook to the speakers via USB opens up flexible options for the user, also ensuring guaranteed loss-free signal transmission of the audio data stream. The internal, mostly weak audio components of the PC are bypassed in this regard, with the signal processing performed completely by the high-quality D/A converters in the Ascada 600 tower floor-standing loudspeakers.   This also ensures excellent processing of high resolution audio files. This really shows off the acoustic benefits of this high-res title.

The Ascada 600 towers even manage completely without cables for communication between the two transducers. It is also possible here for the signal to be transmitted via Bluetooth with aptX. For connecting to a TV, there is also the option of using the Studio XLR cable provided to connect the two speakers so as to guarantee lip-sync reproduction.

The speakers are driven by high-performance amplifier modules with 110 watt RMS output. There is one of these in each loudspeaker - according to the "Dual Powered Concept". High-quality silk compound fabric domes with wave-control sound transmission ensure excellent micro-dynamics and outstanding three-dimensionality in the upper frequency ranges. The woofer is specially optimised for wide-range reproduction and consists of a very lightweight long-fibre paper diaphragm. On the other hand, the three subwoofers arranged in the "Triple Bass Alignment" guarantee a particularly powerful and voluminous bass range with their kraft paper diaphragms, high load capacity voice coils and dedicated long-throw surrounds. The bass reflex tube is flow-optimised on both sides, thus avoiding interfering background noise.

The enclosure is made from reciprocally stabilizing MDF boards for excellent low resonance and is reinforced with struts inside. The elegant design in black or white high-gloss lacquer with sloping side walls is based on a floor panel that is also finished in a high-gloss lacquer. The acoustic cloth front cover can be removed, of course.

Convenient operation is ensured by the solid-metal system remote control with clear layout included in the package. In addition, there is a 2-digit, 14-segment LED display integrated in the front of the speaker.  Controls for input source selection, volume, bass and treble can also be found on the rear of the master (right) speaker. Other convenient features include the USB high-power charger port for charging a smartphone or tablet as well as the subwoofer pre-out to add an active bass specialist to the set.

The Heco Ascada 600 Tower stereo set will be available from mid-December at a recommended retail price of €1,990 per set.