The “Kraft paper cone” is the high tech cone of the HECO midrange speakers and woofers satisfies the most extreme of acoustic demands. Music lovers often prefer the particularly natural sound produced by high-quality paper-based cones. Indeed, many of the legendary cinema and high-end loudspeakers of the past used paper cones for that very reason. It’s perhaps explained by the particularly good ratio between low weight and high self damping.Specific types of wood are pre-selected to provide this high quality pulp. Only Nordicpine timber has the required strong fibres. Other woods and cheaper waste paper are excluded because of their low strength. The pulp is then mixed with the addition of 5% German-produced wool fibres (6 - 12 mm long). During this process all of the fibres interlock to form a densely conjoined weave. This material is then pressed evenly into the conical form of the cone under high pressure. The result of this is a loudspeaker diaphragm with the desired acoustic properties for high mechanical loading. These positive attributes mean that the “Kraft paper cone” is used in practically all of HECO‘s loudspeakers. The long throw surround, highly durable voice coil and linearised
magnet systems combine to guarantee maximum dynamic contrast and precision.