Premium quality and a sophisticated look for high-end sound enjoyment

Heco is celebrating its birthday – the perfect opportunity for us to set a new milestone in speaker design by unveiling the Concerto Grosso. High-tech meets the best assemblies and masterly workmanship in this unit. 63.2 kg "live weight" speaks a language plain to everyone: Here comes an ultimate sound transducer that has raised the bar for years to come.

The tweeter for perfect music pleasure

Only chassis that achieve the very best in every respect – be it load handling, detailing capacity or pulse fidelity – are used in the Concerto Grosso series. The rigorously selected high-end tweeter with 30 mm polyfiber-compound dome, aluminum front plate with wave-control horn and powerful double magnet system is sure to impress with the finest spatiality and unbelievable transparency. The concept culminates in 52 kHz of the highest crossover frequency - that means our masterpiece can also map the entire harmonics range with perfection, making it ideally suitable for high-resolution audio media.

Outstanding in every frequency range

As the Concerto Grosso high-end series works according to the four-way principle, both a midrange driver as well as a separate midrange driver/subwoofer are an integral feature. The midrange driver measuring 170 mm is impressive thanks to its AINiCo high-performance magnet system, hard-mounted paper/wool cone for the best possible pulse fidelity, a coated fabric surround with extremely low losses and a 25 mm voice coil for maximum load resistance. The 200 mm midrange driver/woofer is a cut above the rest with its tremendously lightweight, extra braced kraft paper cone. A stabilizing, inverse kraft paper anti-dust dome is also installed. The low-loss rubber surround and extremely load-resistant 35 mm voice coil are further features that distinguish this top-class chassis. The Concerto Grosso can get down to 16 Hz – the 300 mm subwoofer, mounted on the side, is ideally suitable for such ventures into the subsonic range. With 50 mm voice coil, kraft paper cone, inverse kraft paper anti-dust dome and long-throw rubber surround, there is nothing here to stop the best possible bass reproduction. The additional bass radiator is also key to the enormous output in the low-frequency range.

Perfect distribution is also an art

And it is precisely for this reason that we have installed a crossover in the Concert-Grosso series of the type you seldom encounter: It is able to perform its task with extreme precision thanks to phase and impedance compensation along with components exhibiting very narrow tolerances. Individual adaptation options for the treble range and midrange ensure that the Concerto Grosso high-tech sound transducers sound just the way a proud owner wants.

Made for an eternity. Setting the standard for years to come.

A box from the Heco Concerto Grosso series is not simply a speaker. It is a work of art you can admire and enjoy afresh every day. The elegant high-gloss paintwork, the MDF housing with multiple bracing for an especially stable design along with side panels for subwoofer and bass radiator for a really low resonance level and the compression-free midrange chamber open at the rear are the kind of high-tech that make the Concerto Grosso stand out in a class of its own.

Concerto Grosso

Floor-standing speaker, 4-way base reflex configuration with additional passive radiator

Breaking new ground, setting new standards, redefining the boundaries of what is feasible – premium components, huge investment in development and masterly workmanship make the Heco Concerto Grosso truly outstanding among speakers.

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