High-end 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker with a wide baffle

Three-way loudspeaker of extremes

Very high efficiency, very low distortion, very high maximum volume and very open, richly detailed Heco sound with huge dynamics - the Direkt Dreiklang employs the most modern development standards and technologies as well as classic virtues of earlier hi-fi icons. What is immediately noticeable, of course, is the particularly wide baffle of the large 3-way speaker. The solid appearance offers clear acoustic advantages compared to the increasingly frequent, markedly narrow loudspeakers on account of the wide baffled providing the chassis with substantially more room for development in relation to sound radiation. Nevertheless, the Heco loudspeaker does not come across as over-intrusive thanks to the attractive flat design in a stylish silk-matt lacquer finish.
Not obvious, but no less noteworthy, is the exceptionally high level of efficiency with 98 dB. This also means that the Heco Direkt Dreiklang can be optimally combined with transistor and tube amplifiers. A power output of 20 watts per channel and above is recommended.

Stringently selected components for authentic sound

The core components of the Heco Direkt Dreiklang are, of course, the built-in chassis. Above all, the high-power tweeter with extremely high efficiency through the 28 mm silk-compound dome, the powerful triple magnet system and the solid aluminium front panel with high-efficiency wave-control horn geometry. Thanks to the innovative overall concept of the tweeter, we achieve an extremely high level of efficiency in the Direkt Dreiklang without the use of a horn speaker. The advantage: distinctly more friendly omnidirectional sound distribution and, therefore, a clearly more homogeneous soundscape.

The integrated Chassis with the HECO kraft-paper membrane, which is dedicated to the mid-tone range, has been optimised to achieve a gentle roll-off as well as an excellent degree of efficiency. The 215 mm woofer also has a very strong drive system and particularly low-loss fabric surround. The Kapton voice coil former and impedance compensation guarantee absolutely minimal mechanical and electrical losses.

Another true gem is the high-performance subwoofer made of a particularly lightweight, air-dried ripple membrane and the heavy-duty 75 mm 4-layer voice coil. A Kapton voice coil former is also used here. Combined with the ventilated pole core, the low-loss rubber surround and the powerful 170 mm magnet drive, the chassis, which measures almost 40 cm, is able to realise the deepest basses with precise, crisp punch in a completely effortless and masterful manner, even at the highest level. Both the subwoofer and the woofer have a Klippel-optimised magnet system for ideal symmetry and the lowest possible distortion.

Heco Direkt Dreiklang

High-end 3-way bass-reflex loudspeaker

  • Very large three-way system with particularly high efficiency for outstanding dynamics
  • Can be combined optimally with transistor and tube amplifiers from 20 watts per channel
  • Attractive flat-design enclosure, floating appearance through all-metal design foot construction

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