High-end 1-way bass reflex speaker

The latest addition to the Direkt series is seamlessly integrated into HECO´s exceptional range of speakers and, just like the HECO Direkt and the Direkt Dreiklang, it pursues a completely independent concept that is rare today: The Direkt Einklang is an exclusive one-way system in which a single (!) full-range speaker functions as a point sound source and ensures maximum authenticity and spatiality.
The low moving mass means an above average level of efficiency, which makes the speaker perfect for combining with tube amplifiers from an output of 5 watts, while it performs just as well as with large transistor amplifiers. As a member of the high-end series Direkt, the Einklang is distinguished with an elegant silk matte lacquer finish and contrasting double strips. This finish alludes to the high quality and exclusivity of the components that have been specially developed and perfectly optimized for the Direkt Einklang.

The heart of the speaker

The 210 mm full-range speaker is the central element of the Direkt Einklang. Like its predecessors, this speaker has also been provided with a specially developed chassis that has been optimized technically and acoustically using all of the resources available to HECO´s engineers. The basis of the speaker is the extremely lightweight HECO kraft paper cone. As its design means only minimal filtering is required, which in turn ensures a direct and pure sound pattern, it produces an outstanding level of efficiency of 94 dB in combination with the lightweight cone.
The concentrated technical know-how is immediately apparent in the shape of the specially designed tweeter cone with its newly developed NAWI shape and inverted dust cap. The cone is manufactured from a single piece of material consisting of a particularly rigid and lightweight paper mixture, which delivers an extremely fine-resolution and precise reproduction of the treble range. The drive is provided by a powerful dual-ferrite system which features a highly resilient, weight-optimized 25 mm CCAW voice coil. In addition, a Kapton voice coil mount eliminates eddy current to support the extremely detailed and highly defined sound pattern. Any distortions in the mid-range and treble frequencies are minimized thanks to impedance compensation. The chassis, which has been optimized with the high-tech Klippel measuring system to ensure ideal symmetry, is accommodated in a sturdy die-cast aluminum basket that features narrow aerodynamic struts and numerous air vents.

Inside the high-tech housing

The extremely sturdy and flat MDF housing of the Direkt Einklang is braced at multiple locations and exhibits extremely low resonance and vibration characteristics. The double bass reflex construction, which features aerodynamically rounded down-firing ports, guarantees maximum efficiency for the low-bass frequencies. Like the other components in the Direkt series, the Direkt Einklang is also equipped with a specially designed solid metal base for a secure footing. The wide baffle and generous housing volume are further cornerstones for the excellent acoustic performance of the HECO speaker. Authentic and dynamic with a dry, powerful bass range and above-average spatial effect – which is simultaneously casual and easy-going. Just as you would expected from the HECO Direkt series.

Heco Direkt Einklang

High-end 1-way bass reflex speaker

  • High-end floor-standing loudspeakers with full-range driver and high level of efficiency
  • The latest development standards and technology ensure a state of the art configuration for this classic construction
  • Can be combined optimally with transistor and tube amplifiers from 5 watts per channel
  • Attractive flat-design enclosure, floating appearance through all-metal design foot construction

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