High-end bookshelf loudspeaker with a particularly solid enclosure

A sturdy, low-resonance enclosure is the foundation on which the qualities of a good loudspeaker are built. The enclosure not only provides a volume of air for the bass, ideally it also holds the loudspeaker chassis firmly in place and ensures that they can follow the music signal with absolute precision and free of unwanted vibrations. The ideal loudspeaker enclosure is therefore of a heavy, sturdy design - a principle that is implemented perfectly in our HECO Tresor high-end compact loudspeaker.

As solid as a safe

The enclosure of the HECO Tresor basically consists of a high-gloss and very sturdily constructed MDF body. This would be quite enough for most high-end speakers but, with the HECO Tresor, we have gone even further. The largest side walls, and therefore the most physically susceptible to vibrations, have been provided with additional reinforcement by way of an aluminium profile developed specifically for this speaker. The two die-cast elements have multiple strutting on the inside and are braced with the MDF body via damping elements made of special fine-pored foam. This solid material mix brings the ultimate degree of calm to the housing of the whopping 8.2 kg HECO Tresor and lays the foundation for the high-precision work of the two loudspeaker chassis.

HECO chassis in perfect surroundings

The fact that the two loudspeaker chassis have been designed and coordinated specially for the HECO Tresor is clearly demonstrated by the number of screw fittings. To ensure that the two precision transducers fully enjoy the solidity of their working environment, the tweeter is firmly anchored in the baffle with 10 and the mid-bass driver with 12 screws. In technological terms, the 2-way team benefits from all the finesses of the HECO laboratory. The solid aluminium front panel of the tweeter features the computer-optimized Fluktus geometry, which perfects the dispersion characteristics of the 30 mm silk-compound fabric dome. The bass-midrange driver has a die-cast aluminium basket to avoid it having a ‘life of its own’. It has numerous vents on the rear of the membrane, where compression and flow losses need to be avoided. Sound dispersion is taken care of by a lightweight HECO kraft paper membrane. Its heavy-duty voice coil and the powerful drive system ensure absolute control for each individual movement.

Precision, musicality and relaxation

With its solid design and our finest chassis technology, the HECO Tresor offers ideal conditions for the best sound with the highest possible reproduction precision. The fact that the compact loudspeaker takes this promise seriously is, interestingly enough, demonstrated less in the fundamental duties and obligations of a good loudspeaker and more in is well-balanced tonality and distinct attention to detail. It is, rather, the optional and additional features that underline the qualities of the HECO Tresor. It produces an extremely realistic, substantial and stable spatial projection of the soundscape. Its bass reproduction - a critical discipline for every loudspeaker enclosure in mechanical terms - is absolutely crisp and precise. Thanks to our technologies, the Tresor also presents the virtues that HECO owners appreciate so much throughout the world: lots of sound details, as well as even more enjoyment of the music. Coupled with the extraordinary composure the thoroughly solid structure brings to its soundscape, the HECO Tresor is a genuine compact speaker for connoisseurs.


High-end shelf-top loudspeaker with a particularly solid enclosure

  • Stable and very three-dimensional soundscape with excellent fine and coarse dynamics
  • New Fluktus tweeter with 30 mm silk-compound dome and computer-optimised multi-corrugated aluminium front panel for perfect dispersion characteristics
  • Drivers with 10/12 screw fixings for resonance-free anchoring in the baffle
  • Extremely robust cabinet construction with a material mix of solid MDF and aluminium casting metal parts

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