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Ascada 2.0

Fully active Bluetooth high-end stereo loudspeaker combinations

Fully active Bluetooth high-end stereo loudspeaker combinations

The Bluetooth loudspeaker market is largely dominated by very compact, inexpensive devices. The focus of these components is not necessarily on authentic and natural sound reproduction. Heco provides proof with the loudspeakers of the Ascada range that this can also be different. A real stereo setup, efficient components and high-quality DSP technology. Both the Ascada 2.0 shelf-top loudspeakers and the Ascada 600 Tower floor-standing speakers contain exclusive components and innovative technology for a highly flexible and, at the same time, audiophile stereo experience.

Flexible loudspeakers sytems for audiophile demands

The components of the Ascada range are no simple Bluetooth loudspeakers. Here, traditional h-fi craftsmanship goes hand in hand with the most modern connection and transmission technologies. The fully active, high-quality HECO loudspeaker systems are equipped with high-performance stereo amplifiers – with a dedicated power amp in each loudspeaker of the Ascada 600 Tower model. Proven materials, such as kraft paper diaphragms, silk compound fabric cones with wave-control sound conductors made of aluminium and extremely sturdy enclosures guarantee maximum precision, level stability and an authentic stereo stage.

Audio signals can be transmitted to the Ascada devices in various ways. The most up-to-date Bluetooth version including aptX support is integrated for wireless sound enjoyment. This high-end audio standard guarantees wireless transmission of the signal up to CD quality. The option of the wireless audio connection between the floor-standing loudspeakers of the Ascada 600 Tower makes a completely wireless stereo setup possible, with only one power cable per speaker otherwise required. Digital signals can also be played back via optical and coaxial means. The highlight, however, is the possibility for the Ascada systems to be used as an external audio device on the PC via USB. The excellent D/A conversion of the Ascada components is superior to the internal conversion of a PC or notebook in all respects and guarantees top acoustic performance. An analogue input and a USB high-power charging output (up to 2.1 amps) for smartphones and tablets complete the range of features.

Elegance & functionality

The enclosure of the Ascada speakers is constructed in an extremely sturdy design and is fitted together from reciprocally stabilising MDF boards. The bass-reflex designs are optimised for the effective avoidance of flow noise – despite three powerful subwoofers in the slim housing of the Ascada 600 Tower, the search for vibrations and interfering background noise remains futile. Elegantly designed in black or white high-gloss lacquer and with their sloping side walls, the Ascada components make a stylish and modern impression in any surroundings.

Technical specifications