Tradition & High-Tech


The top-of-the range speaker „THE NEW STATEMTENT“ iss equipped with an AlNiCo midrange - which is very important for the naturalness and precision of the midrange reproduction. The midrange is the crucial region in realizing the goal of a natural-sounding loudspeaker. The reason for this is the high degree of sensitivity of the human ear, particularly in the vocal range.The finest solution is a combination of a high-quality paper cone with an AlNiCo magnet. AlNiCo (Aluminium - Nickel - Cobalt) is a material that can carry extremely high magnetic field strengths and has a high temperature stability. Music lovers especially appreciate the repeatedly referred to acoustic advantages in terms of dynamics and resolution. However, the extremely high price and, in particular, the difficulties inherent in the production of consistent AlNiCo have been responsible for it not being widely used these days.