Celan GT 602
Celan GT 902

Celan GT 702

Floorstanding speaker, 3-way bass reflex configuration with double bass driver

HECO´s Celan GT 702 is the middle of three floorstanding speakers in the series and features enough space for a double-bass configuration with two 170 mm woofer chassis. Perfectly coordinated individual chassis with an outstanding level of precision and a completely redefined dynamic response ensure unlimited listening pleasure. At the heart of the sound in this series lies the new tweeter. This 30 mm high-energy tweeter is significantly larger than conventional tweeters and features a special cone geometry that differs from other tweeters by its oversized edge mount. This creates a considerably higher dispersion energy in the transition to the midrange than is possible with conventional designs. One feature both the woofer and midrange driver have in common is a sturdy die-cast aluminium basket with linearised magnet system. An elaborately constructed, sturdy MDF housing forms the workspace for the chassis.

  • Principle

    3 way speaker, bass reflex


    Bass reflex construction with two screwed reflex tubes and aluminium die-cast flange

    Noble high-gloss lacquering

    Solid construction using MDF panels and elaborated struttings, rounded side panels


    30 mm tweeter

    170 mm midrange

    2 x 170 mm woofer

    Dimensions (WxHxD)

    230 x 1145 x 365 mm


    Woofers with coated kraft paper cone, large dustcap, long-throw surround and 32 mm high-performance voice coil optimized for the low frequencies

    Woofer speaker with stable aluminium die cast basket and linearized magnet system


    Optimized midrange with kraft paper cone, light paper dustcap, coated fabric surround and 25 mm voice coil

    Midrange with solid aluminium die-cast basket and linearized magnet system


    New developed High Engergy Tweeter with 30 mm Polyfiber Compound Dome (PFC-Dome), aluminium front plate with Wave Control Horn and double magnet system


    Elaborated crossover with high-quality exacting tolerance components

    Tweeter level adjustment ‚linear’ / ‚+2dB’


    Bi-Wiring, Bi-Amping Option

    High quality speaker terminal with stable, gold plated screw connectors, Tri-wiring / Tri-amping option


    Piano Black

    Piano White

    Piano Espresso

  • Equipment

    30 mm tweeter

    170 mm midrange

    2 x 170 mm woofer


    3 way floorstanding speaker, bass reflex

    Power Handling (RMS/Max)

    220 / 350 Watt

    Sensitivity (2.8V/1m)

    92 dB


    4 – 8 Ohms

    Crossover frequencies

    260 Hz, 3.000 Hz

    Recommended Amplifier Output

    30 - 350 Watts

    Dimensions (WxHxD)

    230 x 1145 x 365 mm


    32 kg