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Celan GT

3rd generation high-end speaker series

The "GT" in HECO´s Celan GT series stands for Generation Three; in other words, the series is the third generation of speaker which, since its launch, has fascinated audiophiles all over the world and has brought many people back to their original hobby – namely, listening to music in all its wonderful manifestations. With the assuredness of a convincing underlying concept and the potential for further development, all of the components were analysed in detail and then optimised, reinterpreted or even completely redeveloped. The aim was to further enhance the dynamic properties of the series while making the sound even more vibrant.

3rd generation high-end speaker series

Perfectly coordinated individual chassis with an outstanding level of precision

The tweeter has been completely redeveloped for this series. This 30 mm high-energy tweeter is significantly larger than conventional tweeters (25 mm) and features a special cone geometry that differs from other tweeters by its oversized edge mount. This tweeter uses the entire surface of the cone as well as its mount for low frequencies. This creates a considerably higher dispersion energy in the transition to the midrange than is possible with conventional designs. Only parts of the lightweight polyfibre compound cone are used to generate the sound at the highest frequencies. This reduced vibrating mass enables the tweeter to reproduce the very highest pitches. To prevent edge reflections, which impair the level of precision of the spatial sound pattern, the dome has been fitted in a milled aluminium flange with a short horn attachment. The tweeter comes into play at a crossover frequency of approx. 3000 Hz. The 3-way models cater for frequencies below 3000 Hz with a mid-range chassis that has been optimised for broadband reproduction and provided with a coated fabric surround, a kraft paper cone, a lightweight paper dust cap and a 25 mm voice coil. The 170 mm bass-midrange drivers with long-throw surround are responsible for the mid and low frequency range. Specially optimised woofers with kraft paper cones, large dust caps, long-throw surrounds and high-load 32 mm voice coils are responsible for the bass frequencies in the floorstanding speakers. These have been optimised for the GT series, which is evident in the new inverse geometry of the dust cap.

Precision and the highest quality workmanship in every detail

One feature all units have in common, immaterial whether it´s a woofer, midrange or bass-midrange driver, is a sturdy die-cast aluminium basket with linearised magnet system. An elaborately constructed, sturdy MDF housing forms the workspace for the chassis. The speakers are rounded at the sides, which helps to reduce reflections more effectively as well as to maximize their stability. The interior of the housing is also reinforced at several locations. The speakers are accommodated on solid, height-adjustable metal spikes, which ensure they have sufficient clearance form the floor. Like the chassis, the bass reflex flanges are also manufactured from aluminium and screwed firmly to the rear of the housing. The high quality and generously dimensioned connecting terminal in HECO´s distinctive design is also located at the rear. The gold-plated terminals are suitable for both bi-wiring and bi-amping configurations. The treble level can be optionally adjusted directly at the terminal. A "Linear" and "+2 dB" setting is also available. The inbound music signals are relayed from this point by the elaborate crossover. All of the components used are of a high quality and adhere to tight tolerances in order to fulfil the demanding requirements of HECO´s engineers. Both phase and amplitude behaviour have been taken into account.

High performance for a real high-end and spectacular home cinema setup

Immaterial whether your main focus is on a high-end stereo sound or a powerful home-cinema setup, HECO´s Celan GT series incorporates a variety of units that will satisfy all of your requirements - from the shielded centre, which has been acoustically coordinated with the other speakers in the series, to the active subwoofer.

Technical specifications