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AM 200

High-quality Dolby Atmos Top-Firing Module for 3D Surround Sound

High-quality Dolby Atmos Top-Firing Module for 3D Surround Sound

The new HECO AM 200 Top-Firing Modules are Dolby Atmos-licensed add-on loudspeakers that expand existing surround systems to include the treble channels needed for Dolby Atmos. The design and special principle of these top-firing modules mean that is it not necessary to fit loudspeakers in the ceiling - the AM 200s are simply placed on the enclosures of existing surround sound loudspeakers. The Atmos modules display very specific, strictly predefined dispersion characteristics; the treble channels of the Dolby Atmos 360° surround-scape are then generated via ceiling reflections. The Heco Atmos 200s do, of course, harmonise perfectly with existing loudspeakers from the Heco portfolio, but can also be combined with speakers from other manufacturers without any hesitation.

Developed in strict accordance with the technical guidelines from Dolby

The Heco AM 200 top-firing modules have been examined, cleared and licensed by Dolby USA. To meet the high requirements demanded by the US group, strict technical guidelines had to be adhered to which now apply to the design and development of the compact add-on loudspeakers. High-quality enclosure design is just as fundamental in this regard as the high-quality and high-capacity 125 mm coaxial loudspeaker developed specifically for the Atmos modules. In addition, the dispersion characteristics have to be adhered to exactly through maximum production precision to enable the acoustic elements reflected from the wall to be integrated perfectly into the 360° Dolby Atmos sound setting. The Heco engineers have not only been able to meet the Dolby guidelines without any complications; they have also managed to pack the elaborate technology into an elegant and discreet enclosure design.

Efficient components in an elegant enclosure

The black or white high-gloss finish housing of the Dolby Atmos products features a high-quality terminal connection panel with stable, gold-plated and encapsulated screw terminals positioned in a practical and visually unobtrusive way at the bottom of the rear side. Despite their compact form, the discreetly elegant modules accommodate high-quality, selected components. Located at the centre of the 125 mm subwoofer with a lightweight long-fibre diaphragm and high-capacity voice coil is a 20 mm tweeter with a silk compound cone and acoustic equaliser. Despite the small dimensions, this generates a very dynamic and precise pulse sound providing the ideal conditions for the acoustic objects of the Dolby Atmos background.

Technical specifications