Powered Bluetooth stereo speaker set

The Ascada 2.0 is an exclusive HECO shelf speaker system that offers a high degree of flexibility and a wide range of possible applications. Audio signals can be reproduced by using the numerous connections, or wirelessly via Bluetooth. The state of the art aptX codec largely guarantees lossless signal transmission. The Ascada 2.0 components can even be used as an external audio device for a PC.
The Bluetooth stereo speaker set is fully active and its integrated amplifier, which generates 35 watts per channel, provides the power and ensures an excellent sound performance. This means an external amplifier is therefore unnecessary. The sturdy MDF cabinet, which is available in a black or white high gloss finish with angled side panels, accommodates high quality silk compound domes, a bass-midrange driver with a lightweight long-fibre paper cone that has been optimised for wide-ranging playback and a bass-midrange driver with coated steel basket for minimal vibration. Its high-power USB port means that even smartphones & tablets can be conveniently charged.

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Technical specifications

  • 2 way bass reflex, active
  • Powered Bluetooth® stereo loudspeaker set
  • 25 mm tweeter
  • 125 mm bass/mid-range loudspeaker
Crossover frequencies
  • 2.600 Hz
Frequency response
  • 32 – 40.000 Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • 184 x 280 x 284 mm
Cabinet surface
  • Piano varnish finish


  • 2 way bass reflex, active
  • Powered Bluetooth® stereo loudspeaker set
  • Complete control is ensured via the supplied, clearly laid out remote control (incl. battery)
  • USB high-power charging output (up to 2.1 A) for smartphones,
    tablets, etc.
  • LED status indicator at the speaker front, control for input selection,volume, bass and treble at the side panel of the left loudspeaker
  • USB high-power charging output (up to 2.1 A) for smartphones,tablets, etc.
  • High-quality HECO bookshelf speaker system with built-in stereo amplifier
  • Numerous connection options for flexible and versatile use
  • Integrated high-performance amplifier module, no additional amplifier is
  • The latest high-end Bluetooth® 4.0 standard „aptX®“ ensures the transmission of CD-quality music
  • Woofer specially optimized for wide-band reproduction, with lightweight long-fiber paper diaphragm
  • Elegant design in a black or white high-gloss finish and slanted side panels
  • Removable front grille with acoustic cloth
  • Bass reflex construction with bass reflex port that is air-flow optimised on both sides
  • Screwed-in rubber spikes for a safe grip on all grounds
  • 25 mm tweeter
  • 125 mm bass/mid-range loudspeaker
Dimensions (WxHxD)
  • 184 x 280 x 284 mm
  • Woofer-midrange optimised for broadband reproduction with light longfibre paper cone, flat long-fibre paper dustcap and high-performance voicecoil
  • Woofer-midrange with solid coated steel basket and high-quality aluminium trim ring secured with 6 screws
  • High-quality silk-compound fabric dome with aluminium WaveControl sound
  • Elaborated phase and amplitude optimized crossover with high-quality components
  • High-quality connecting terminal with solid, gold-plated and capsulated screw connectors
  • Analogue stereo input (Cinch R/L) for connecting additional
    devices such as MP3 players, CD players, TVs, etc.
  • USB audio input for use as an external audio device with a
    computer, high-quality internal D/A conversion of the audio signal
  • Optical and coaxial digital input for direct connection of digital audio devices
  • Sortie pour subwoofer permettant de connecter un subwoofer actif externe
  • Powerful stereo amplifier module with 35 watts RMS per loudspeaker
  • Low standby power consumption <0.5 watts
  • Switchable mains voltage 115/230 V
  • Piano Black
  • Piano White