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Exclusive speaker series with innovative technology and a modern appearance

Exclusive speaker series with innovative technology and a modern appearance

Besides the Roman goddess and the northern and southern polar lights, the name Aurora now also lends itself to maximum acoustic performance. HECO´s current speaker family is characterized by newly developed components and innovative technology, and it offers the discerning listener excellent sound characteristics in both stereo operation with high-quality music reproduction, as well as in a fully-fledged surround setup with movie soundtracks.
What´s more, the Aurora series is not only pleasing to the ear, but to the eye as well. A combination of modern wood decor and a high-quality silk matte lacquer finish, which adorns the baffle and top of the speakers, simultaneously provides a very modern appearance and timeless elegance. To ensure the sound transducers look the part in any living environment, they are available in both an "ebony black" and "ivory white" lacquer finish. The acoustic fabric grille is invisibly attached to the baffle with magnets to ensure there´s nothing to tarnish the overall visual appearance.
New series tweeter for perfect dispersion
The new Fluctus tweeter is used by all of the components in the Aurora series (with the exception of the powerful active subwoofer). The new HECO tweeter ensures perfect dispersion properties thanks to its 28 mm silk compound dome and computer-optimized multi-wave front panel. This not only results in a completely balanced and harmonious integration of the center speaker in a surround setup, but also guarantees an overall coherent and enclosed sound stage as well as a broad sweet spot in every situation. The tweeter is extremely resilient due to its ferrofluid cooling and it is also equipped with a powerful ferrite double magnet system.
Bass power in a tried and tested manner
Tried and tested HECO kraft paper cones, which have been specially optimized for distortion-free playback and provided with longthrow surrounds and resilient voice coils, are used as a basis for the woofers in the entire series. These cones are utilized in a double configuration in the floorstanding speakers and a generously dimensioned 30 cm cone is used for the subwoofer. The woofers and midrange speakers, which are accommodated in sturdy and coated steel baskets, are provided with decorative rings that are secured in place with 8 and 6 screws respectively.
In addition, the housing has been constructed in a very sturdy manner and is braced at multiple locations. The floorstanding speakers, which are accommodated on solid crossbeams, can be adjusted to suit requirements via the height-adjustable metal cone spikes.

Technical specifications