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Install Basic

Simple installation and optimum acoustic adaptation

The built-in speakers in the Install-Basic series represent sophisticated HECO technology, simple installation and optimum acoustic adaptation. These speakers are designed specifically for customers that have high demands when it comes to living room aesthetics, on one hand, and who also attach significant importance to a good sound on the other. Their acoustic parameters and practical features are perfectly coordinated for various installation conditions, which makes them ideal for virtually any location.

Simple installation and optimum acoustic adaptation

High quality technology for smooth operation

The textured polypropylene cone, which has been specially developed for built-in speaker systems, ensures excellent dynamic capabilities in the low frequency range in combination with the long-throw rubber surround. The INC 62 and INC 82 models are equipped with a specially coated 25 mm soft dome fabric tweeter for the treble range, while the INC 262 features two 19 mm fabric domes for a particularly homogeneous sound pattern. The tweeters are positioned centrally in front of the bass-midrange drivers (in a coaxial configuration) to ensure the sound is distributed evenly in all directions. Crossovers with high quality components ensure a clean, low-loss distribution of the signals. All components are also suitable for use in wet rooms, which means the speakers in the Install Basic series can be used in both bathrooms and swimming pool environments.

Extensive adaptability for an optimum sound

The dome tweeters used by the INC 62 and INC 82 can be pivoted by 35° in all directions to ensure a fully-fledged sound pattern in any setup. The bass-midrange driver of the INC 262 is equipped with a double voice coil, which enables the speaker to be operated in both a mono and stereo mode. In addition, the mid-range and treble level can also be individually adjusted for all systems in 3 stages. This enables the sound generated by the speakers to be perfectly adapted to any installation.

Technical specifications