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Victa Prime

Ascent to the premium audio range

HECO places a high demand on the dynamic and distortion-free reproduction of an acoustic signal, regardless of whether it´s from music or a film. HECO´s Victa Prime series, which is the latest addition to its continuously enhanced Victa range, is now available with even more features and structural details from its high-end models.

Ascent to the premium audio range

Excellent interaction between sophisticated technologies

The quality of the woofer and midrange is crucial for the sound quality of a speaker. One element that comes under particular scrutiny here is the cone that is used for the driver. Long-fibre paper cones have been used for the bass-midrange units and their inverted dust caps. This is a material that is characterised by an excellent low weight/high damping ratio. A rich bass and transparent sound pattern is enabled in conjunction with powerful, high-quality ferrite magnets and heavy-duty voice coils. The mounting ring, which is screwed to the housing in six or eight places depending on the model, is now more solid. The 25 mm silk dome, which features ferrofluid cooling for improved power handling, has a short horn attachment for enhanced transition to the midrange. An amplitude and phase-optimised crossover is responsible for the harmonious interplay of the individual chassis.

High quality aesthetics and excellent workmanship in every detail

The rounded sides have been meticulously manufactured from layers of glued and moulded
MDF panels. The housing construction is thereby more stable with
reduced resonance. This results in a low-resonance structure which offers optimum conditions for the chassis and bass reflex coordination. The floorstanding speakers are also equipped with a solid MDF base plate. The terminal area has been completely redesigned to ensure more space for the gold-plated and encapsulated connecting terminals. Damping rubber feet are included in delivery and the floorstanding speakers are also provided with height-adjustable metal spikes. The Victa Prime models, which are designed as bass reflex systems for a powerful and precise reproduction of the bass range, generate additional pressure via specially formed and screwed reflex ports.

Home cinema enjoyment at a Victa Prime level

The magnetically shielded centre speaker, which exhibits a double woofer configuration, and the subwoofer, which is equipped with its own power amplifier, enable home cinema enjoyment at a Victa Prime level. Besides the above mentioned features, all of the chassis are naturally also subjected to a fine tuning process with the help of our Klippel® laser measuring and analysis system, after which they are coordinated in final listening and practical tests. The Victa Prime series once again demonstrates the enhanced possibilities of a fundamentally correct concept.

Technical specifications