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Ambient 44 F

2-way bass reflex wall speaker

  • 28 mm tweeter dome with Fluktus technology
  • Two 125 mm bass-midrange drivers with kraft paper cones
  • Integrated metal wall brackets for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Finish: Silk-matt black and silk-matt white finish
  • 3 different covering frames

2-way bass reflex wall speaker

The range of elegant wall-mounted speakers is rounded off by the Ambient 88F active subwoofer, which boasts a high-performance power amplifier with Class D technology and delivers rich sounds down to a cut-off frequency of 24 Hz. Nevertheless, the woofer, which utilizes a 200 mm chassis, is still ultra-compact and measures just 16 cm deep. This means it can fit almost anywhere next to, or under, a piece of furniture or even behind your curtains. The volume and crossover frequency can be infinitely adjusted via the controls on the underside. The 88F is also available in a silk-matt black or white finish, so you don´t necessarily have to hide it away. The woofer itself radiates downwards, with the bass reflex openings located at the front or side depending on the setup.

Technical specifications

  • 90 dB

  • 28 – 200 Hz
  • 2 x 125 mm mély-középsugárzó
  • 4 – 8 Ohm
  • 80/120 Watt
ajánlott erősítő teljesítmény
  • 20 - 140 Watt


  • 28 – 200 Hz
  • 2 x 125 mm mély-középsugárzó
  • A kidolgozott fázis és amplitúdó optimalizált hangváltó kiváló minőségű alkatrészekkel
  • Kiváló minőségű hangszóró csatlakozás stabil, aranyozott csavaros csatlakozókkal, hármas kábelezés / hármas erősítési lehetőséggel