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There is an increasing requirement for speakers to be integrated into a living room environment. In an ideal world, built-in speakers would solve this problem, however, these require corresponding structural measures. The perfect solution for such cases is therefore offered by the Ambient line. The speakers, which are available in different sizes and colors, measure just 77 and 85 mm deep, and can be configured for hi-fi systems and home cinema applications. An active, extremely compact subwoofer complements the system for enhanced bass performance.

A wide range of mounting options

All of the wall speakers in the Ambient line are equipped with integrated, extremely flat mounting fixtures, which make wall installation extremely easy. There is still more than enough space at the rear for cables and it is possible to mount the speakers in both vertical and horizontal configurations. In addition, all of the models are suitable for mounting on brackets according to the VESA standard. Corresponding threads at the rear of the speaker allow it to be screwed easily to a wide range of mounting fixtures.

High-quality components

In terms of technology, every speaker in the Ambient line is a real Heco unit. The tweeters, which boast tried and tested Fluktus geometry, are surrounded by a front panel to optimize dispersion properties, while a powerful magnet and ferrofluid-cooled voice coil promise high dynamics and extreme resilience in equal measure. The bass-midrange drivers, with their sturdy long-fiber kraft paper cones, have been specially optimized for use in small and flat enclosures. A longthrow surround and an extremely durable voice coil provide the basis for remarkable sound pressure and high resilience.

The Ambient line is rounded off by the high-quality crossovers, which ensure a harmonious interplay of all components with amplitude and phase optimizations. In the two larger models, flow-optimized bass reflex tubes ensure an even better performance.

Can be combined in a variety of ways

All of the speakers are two-way systems with enclosures measuring approx. 30, 45 and 78 cm tall. This means you will be able to find the right combination for any application - whether you´re looking for a main speaker for your hi-fi system, an acoustic upgrade for you flat screen TV or even a fully-fledged home cinema setup. The enclosures are available in a black or white finish with a high-quality, lacquered, silk-matt baffle. Three frames with different fabric designs and invisible magnetic mounts allow further individualization and/or adaptation to your interior. A compatible subwoofer perfects the acoustic setup.

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