Ultra-compact can also mean ultra-good, as is demonstrated by the Aurora 200. Standing just 308 mm tall and measuring 170 mm wide, it doesn´t have an imposing look, but it does score highly with high quality features that are typical of Heco. This also applies to stereo applications and home cinema use as rear speakers.

Universally applicable

The dimensions of the Aurora 200 make it suitable for use in virtually any situation. Whether it´s used as a shelf speaker to get the best out of affordable electronics, or as a compact speaker for sound effects and surround channels in a home cinema setup, the Aurora is capable of mastering both with flying colors. When complemented by our Center 30, a homogeneous sound is reproduced all around thanks to a uniform speaker configuration. The Aurora Sub 30A active subwoofer is not only the perfect addition for cinema use, but also when the speaker is used on its own and an enhanced deep bass range is required.

Excellent technology

As is the case with its larger siblings, the high quality technical ingredients can be both seen and heard. The legendary Fluktus tweeter with its 28 mm silk compound dome guarantees a natural treble range that is beyond comparison. The double magnet system with ferrofluid cooling guarantees high performance and - more importantly - a high load capacity. The distinctive multi-wave front panel ensures perfect dispersion properties for all listeners. The 125 mm bass-midrange driver is, of course, made of kraft paper. Our specially developed, long-fiber material guarantees a natural sound pattern that is beyond comparison, making it ideal for reproducing vocals and instruments alike. The carefully coordinated bass reflex construction allows the Aurora 200 to reproduce a deep bass range right down to 38 Hz. At the other end of the scale, the Fluktus tweeter also enables frequencies to be reproduced above 42,000 Hz.

Optimum build quality

All of this is packaged in an extremely solid, low-resonance housing complete with high-quality connecting terminals. The chassis, which are installed flush with the baffle, are provided with optimum working conditions here and the bass-midrange driver is screwed in place at six points. The Aurora 200 is not only a delight in terms of workmanship, but also in terms of its visual appearance, because the speaker, which is available in black or white, combines the front and top panels in a satin finish with black or light wood respectively. A skilfully coordinated mix of materials. Refinements such as the invisible magnetic mounts for the front covers demonstrate the attention to detail here.

Технические характеристики

  • 2-х полосный
  • 89 дБ
  • 28-мм ВЧ-динамики
  • 4 - 8 Ω
Частота кроссовера
  • 3.400 Hz
Мощность (RMS/макс.)
  • 65 / 120 Watts
Частотный диапазон
  • 38 - 42.500 Hz
Рекомендованная мощность усилителя
  • 20 - 150 Ватт
Габариты (Ш х В х Г)
  • 170 x 308 x 245 mm

Основные моменты

  • 2-х полосный
  • 28-мм ВЧ-динамики
Основные характеристики или подсветка
  • Woofer-midrange with light long-fibre cone, flat long-fibre dustcap, long-throw surround and high-performance voice coil, optimised for low-distortion signal transmission
  • Compact bookshelf speaker with uncompromising sound qualities
  • Съемный гриль из акустически прозрачной ткани со скрытыми магнитными креплениями
Габариты (Ш х В х Г)
  • 170 x 308 x 245 mm
  • Фазо амплитудно оптимизированный кроссовер с защитой от перегрузок
  • Тыловая коммутационная панель с высококачественными массивными позолоченными терминалами